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Harrison Ford in 1980

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Yo... Fashion Love: How a Suit Should Fit: What to Look for


This tutorial from pretty much explains how your suit should fit. What you should look for when you are shopping at a suit store is fit in the shoulders. Having the jacket fit perfectly in the shoulders is the foundation of a well fitting suit.

Looks like this:




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what you didn’t see at the VMA’s


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Gran Stead’s Ginger

Gran Steads is an original ginger drink that has a lot of history! This delightful label and packaging really showcases the heritage and the idea of wanting to stand out and have shelf confidence.

"For over 150 years in the UK, Gran Stead’s original ginger drink has delighted generations. The ginger wine recipe - now over 150 years old - used all natural ingredients and the result was a mellow, versatile drink that has won many taste accolades and has a broad spectrum of devotees.

It was struggling to standout out in a highly competitive category over run with heritage drinks, natural claims and constant new product innovation. Gran Stead’s real problem was nobody knew what this brand really was or what it stood for. Therfore our brief was create a strong ownable branded look and feel for the brand, giving them a confident shelf presence enabling them to get noticed by the consumer and that could extend across a portfolio of flavours in the future.”

"An authentic product, full of history, their look and feel had remained unchanged for many years. What Came Next had to treat this brief with caution being sensitive to all the current consumer loyalty or disrupt the brands core history. Gran Stead’s needed something that would allow them to communicate their story and unique product properties, whilst creating an icon for the brand. Brimming with personality and warmth the identity reflects the brand’s core essence, and gives Gran Stead’s a spokesperson who can communicate their unique story and product recipe, a platform which encourages consumer dialogue and interaction allowing them communicate brand messages in an ownable and personal manner.

From what was a small cottage looking brand, What Came Next have brought Granny into the foreground elevating not only the look and feel of the brand but the potential for it to grow with confidence amongst the competition in the on and off trade. Since the recent redesign, the brand has won Gold in the Harper Design Awards 2013, and already seen a massive uplift in sales.”

Designed by What Came Next, USA

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